Chip Ferrite beads BLM21SN/BLM31SN series supporting 8.5A/12A lines

Chip Ferrite beads BLM21SN/BLM31SN series supporting 8.5A/12A lines



When it comes to chip ferrite beads for use in power supplies, one major criteria for their selection their high rated current value.

As such, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd has added chip ferrite beads that boast 8.5A and 12A ratings in the 0805 and 1206 chip sizes.



Chip ferrite beads are used for either signal lines or power lines.

Of these two, when it comes to using the beads for power lines, the rated current value of the beads is extremely significant as an indicator that determines whether they can indeed be used. The maximum rated current value supported by conventional chip ferrite beads in the 2.0x1.2mm and 3.2x1.6mm sizes has been 6A.

By optimizing both materials and internal structure, Murata has now added chip ferrite beads with ratings of 8.5A and 12A to its line-up, thus extending the range of the products’ applications.



Despite the small chip sizes of 0805 and 1206, the new chip ferrite beads successfully achieve the high rated current levels of 8.5A and 12A.



For suppression of noise in power lines


Parts List

  Applications   Parts List
 For general applications
 BLM21SN300SN1 (0805 size)
 BLM31SN500SN1 (1206 size)
 For automobile powertrain safety applications  BLM21SN300SH1 (0805 size)
 BLM31SN500SH1 (1206 size) 
 For automotive infotainment applications  BLM21SN300SZ1 (0805 size)
 BLM31SN500SZ1 (1206 size) 



Mass Production 

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