Silicon CapacitorsBenefits

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Benefits of designing with Silicon components

Simplified application design

Plug & play component
Designing a single component

Reduced overall number of components

From 10s to 100s of SMD components
integrated in a single PICS

Simplified design implementation

Fully tested components
S-parameters data available


PICS footprint is up to ten times smaller than
that of a discrete solution

Increased performance

Fully tested robust components

Benefits of designing with Silicon components

By using PICS you save time and resources to focus on core competencies: architecture and product design

Reduce your development time with robust Plug & Play components

Fully tested IPDS-parameter data available for easy simulation

Save design resources

Leverage on your engineering capability
Use our on-site support to strengthen your
teams and develop their skills

Shorten your time to market

Re-use of existing blocks
Multiple designs for experimentation
supported in a single batch
First time right in over 80 % of cases

Optimized purchasing

Fewer components

From 10s to 100s of SMD components integrated in a single PICS

Fewer suppliers

One IPD supplier instead of several capacitor, resistor and inductor suppliers 1 qualified plant in Europe with ISO certifications

Simpler supply chain management

Manage only one supplier for ordering, delivery and payment

Gains in manufacturing, assembly & test

Fewer manufacturing steps

Pick & Place 1 component instead of hundreds saves throughput time

Free up production capacity

Thanks to reduced Pick & Place, increase your manufacturing capacity

Industrial investment reduction

Lower capacity required for passives drives your manufacturing and test equipment investment costs down

More robust designs

Using fully tested components increases your line yield
Less component dispersion improves your system quality
Reduce your test time


Smaller products, lower distribution cost

More boxes in each container

Reduced packaging and recycling cost

Smaller products

Keep in the lead with Murata

Performance AND miniaturization

Increase performance
Save board space with footprint up to 10 times smaller

Enable new functions and new products

Thanks to reduced application size
Performance that cannot be achieved with SMDs

Preserve your unique designs and protect revenues

Reverse engineering is very difficult
Your IP is protected

Faster time-to-market

Fully tested components, Plug & Play

Global cost reduction

Direct and indirect costs
Superior Net Profit Value