Silicon CapacitorsPassive Component Network


In addition, significant cost reductions and performance improvements can be achieved by replacing external SMD components by customized IPD dies.

Murata offers turnkey solutions, from design to manufacture of custom dies that match your application perfectly.

The unique 3D silicon passive technology is a highly efficient way of integrating tens or even hundreds of passive components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors and Zener diodes in a single silicon die.

Thanks to our PICS (Passive Integrated Connecting Substrate) technology, a wide variety of passive devices, such as baluns, DC decoupling, filters and diplexers are integrated on a silicon substrate. This technology can save up to 80 % of the printed circuit board area currently required for discrete SMD solutions.

Silicon Passive die can be designed for any specific application such as:

  • Silicon capacitors
  • Silicon RF components
  • Banks of baluns for mobile applications or capacitor networks
  • Mixed of RF components and decoupling capacitors for transceiver applications
  • Combination of several application schematics for combo module, e.g. Bluetooth + Wlan + radio
  • Passive component networks required by active dies