AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors) AMR (magnetic) sensor evaluation board MR-T150

  • AMR (magnetic) sensor evaluation board
  • MR-T150
  • Application: checking whether the AMR sensor is ON or OFF

To check the operation of the AMR sensor, see whether the LED light is on or off to determine right away whether the AMR sensor is ON or OFF. Checking the operational principles. You can study the potential of AMR sensors by operating a product you plan to mount sensors to after attaching a magnet and evaluation board to it using double-sided tape. Even if the sensor is mounted in a position where you cannot check whether the LED light is on or off, by connecting a tester oscilloscope between OUT and GND, you can monitor the operation of the product by seeing whether levels are high or low. Installed on MRMS501A-001. (Measurements of the level of sensitivity have not yet been made.)
MRMS511X-001, MRMS205A-001, etc. can also have their sensors replaced with other AMR sensors. (Please replace with a different AMR sensor on your own.) How do I turn on an AMR sensor? Where do I turn it on depending on where the sensor is in relation to the position of the magnet? To find out, use the Simulation Tool.

■ Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 3-5V
  • Dimensions: 6x20mm
  • AMR Sensor Hi/Lo detection: LED lighting/off, output voltage at oscilloscope, etc. can be checked.(Connecting OUT and GND)


  • Circuit of evaluation board
  • Layout of evaluation board
  • Sample Code / Arduino
  • Sample Code / RaspberryPi

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