Gyro SensorsSCC1300 Combined Gyro Sensor and Accelerometer

SCC1300 series is not recommend for the new design as it is scheduled to be discontinued.

Combined X-axis Gyroscope & 3-axis Accelerometer

  • Size 12.1 x 19.71 x 4.6 mm3 (w x l x h)
  • Angular rate measurement around X-axis
  • Acceleration measurement in X, Y and Z directions
  • Self diagnostics features
  • RoHS compliant


  • All in one digital component
  • Exceptionally insensitive to mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • Superior angular rate bias stability over temperature and time


  • Platform stabilization
  • Motion analysis
  • Navigation systems

Recommended sensors > SCC1300-D02 , SCC1300-D04

Evaluation Board > SCC1300-D0*-PWB

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