The Advantages of Murata's Crystal Units

Murata's crystal units use a groundbreaking and unique packaging technology that is unparalleled in existing products, providing superior quality, production scale, and cost performance.

■ Advantages of Murata's crystal units
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The origins of Murata's crystal units
Market performance
High reliability Low-cost structure Providing value to customers
Worldwide sales system Product lineup Product search Extensive application services Reference design kit

The origins of Murata's crystal units

Murata has been providing ceramic resonators (CERALOCK®) to the market for over forty years, to use as a reference clock in microcomputers and other devices.

In order to support devices requiring a clock with higher frequency precision than ceramic resonator's, using our unique technology, Murata and Tokyo Denpa jointly developed miniature and highly reliable crystal units.

We have started supplying products for consumer market since 2009, and for automotive market since 2013.


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Market performance

- Murata's crystal units are active in various applications-

The products, jointly developed with Tokyo Denpa, have been adopted more as HDD/SSD/USB and other storage devices started to use small crystal units due to the increased need for speed and capacity. 

Later, Murata's crystal units began to be adopted for use in NFCs with smart phone's features of personal authentication / electronic money payment sophisticated.

The adoption of small crystal units is still increasing due to the growing demand for small devices in AV/PC/automotive equipment and Wi-Fi communications equipment as well as the market growth of wearable and smart phone peripheral devices equipped with BT/BLE communication features that connect to smart phones.

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Reason why customers choose Murata's crystal units

- Adoption of the high-reliability/low-cost packages cultivated by ceramic resonators (CERALOCK®) -

Murata's crystal units use a package structure which differs from typical crystal units. 

While regular crystal units use a ceramic substrate with a cavity structure, Murata's crystal units use a structure which combines a metal cap with a planar ceramic substrate, which has a ceramic resonator with a proven track record extending back many years.

Using the highly versatile planar ceramic substrate and metal cap allows us to reduce the material costs compared with conventional crystal units, achieve stable supply, and increase production.

- Providing value to customers -

We have an integrated system from crystal stone production, design, manufacturing with our own original equipment, to worldwide sales network.

Introducing this system to our own manufacutring leads us to open up new fields and provide new value to customers.

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Worldwide sales system

Murata global network

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Product lineup

Click the series name to see the recommended part number.

Series Type Size (mm) Frequency Notes
MCR1210 1.2×1.0×0.30
32 to 48MHz
Metal sealed package
for small wireless communication devices
for small consumer devices
MCR1612 1.6×1.2×0.35
24 to 48MHz
HCR2016 2.0×1.6×0.7
24 to 50MHz
Resin sealed package
for wireless communication devices
for consumer devices
HCR2016 2.0×1.6×0.5
24 to 48MHz
HCR2520 2.5×2.0×0.8
16 to 20MHz
HCR2520 2.5×2.0×0.8 16 to 24 MHz for automotive
 HCR2016 2.0×1.6×0.7 20 to 23.99 MHz for automotive
MCU etc.
 HCR2016 2.0×1.6×0.7 24 to 48 MHz for automotive
 HCR2016 2.0×1.6×0.7 27.6 MHz for automotive
 HCR2016 2.0×1.6×0.7 24 to 48MHz for automotive
Only for infotainment

Search by application and function (Block Diagram)

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Product information/SPEC search, free samples

Product information/SPEC search tool
You can refine the search for products that are suited to required specifications. 

Extensive application support

IC-Timing Devices Matching Search
You can search for products and peripheral circuit constants suited to the IC you are using.
Murata’s IC matching service for resonators contributes to miniaturization and performance enhancement of assembled products.

IC evaluation results for BLE, ZigBee®, NFC, and SSDs
Together with the IC manufacturers, we perform oscillation evaluations in combination with the leading IC products.
A list of products that are suited to each IC is posted on the application page.

Reference design kit
Murata provides reference design support for crystal units used with the IC manufacturers, ceramic capacitors, inductors (coil), and baluns.

For Automotive Crystal Units for automotive applications
Supports on-board Ethernet/FlexRay. Satisfies the reliability guarantee (AEC-Q200). More details can be found here.

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