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Wire Bonding Mount Multilayer Microchip Capacitors for General Purpose

These capacitors have gold-plated electrodes and are designed specifically for wire bonding.


1. Allows for high density mounting.

Noise can be reduced by eliminating the routing of the wire, and high efficiency can be achieved with a built-in capacitor in a package, such as IC. Miniaturization of the set is also possible.

Structure of wire bondable vertical electrode MLCC. Its outermost layers of terminations are Au (gold) plated. It can be mounted between Vcc line (connected to bare chip) and ground line inside densely packed IC packages by wire bonding.

2. Achieved small size and high capacitance with a multilayer structure.

Small size, high capacitance Minimum 0.38mm × 0.38mm
Achieved 0.1uF in 0.5mm × 0.5mm size

Lineup comparison table with competitor's is provided in my Murata Capacitor Site (need to sign in & approval from the site)

3. Ideal for bypass applications

Especially for optical communication related devices such as TOSA/ROSA.

4. Excellent in high frequency characteristics.

Since the capacitor consists of an upper/lower electrode structure, the current path becomes shorter and lowers the ESL. Compared with the general purposeGRM series of the same capacity, the impedance of this product becomes lower at high frequencies.

Impedance-frequency characteristic chart of wire bondable vertical electrode MLCC compared with general MLCC


Size(mm) 0.38x0.38mm - 0.8x0.8mm
Rated Voltage 6.3Vdc - 100Vdc
Capacitance 100pF - 0.47μF
Main applications 1.Optical communication related devices such as TOSA/ROSA.
2. Various device related,such as GaAsIC (mounted in IC packages)
3. Measuring instruments,other ultra compact/thin devices


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