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Chapter 3

Factors of making noise problems complex

3-5. Summary of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 has described the topics around digital circuit as a noise source and learnt about the concepts and terms regarding the conductor conduction of noise. The relationship of topics and concepts described in this section is as follows:]

Relationship of topics

Fig. 3-5-1 Relationship of topics

As described in Chapter 2, components of various frequencies are used in digital circuits. Although many of these components are needed for the circuit operation, it causes noise when it leaks out to the outside. In such a case, noise can be strong or weak depending on the frequency due to the involvement of the above factors. These frequency characteristics vary when the the circuit conditions change. Therefore, you need to understand such phenomena to predict and control the change of noise.
The concepts described in this chapter are also useful to provide solutions for the noise source origin regarding those other than digital circuits and problems of noise reception.
Noise conduction occurs through conductor conduction and spatial conduction. Chapter 4 will describe the concepts regarding the spatial conduction.

Summary of Chapter 3

Fig. 3-5-2 Summary of Chapter 3

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