EMI Suppression Filters (EMC and Noise Suppression)Noise Suppression (EMI/EMC Suppression) for Automotive Devices

Numerous achievements in automotive devices Murata's noise suppression solutions

Starting with the commercialization of the three-terminal capacitor as the world's first dedicated noise suppression product, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has earned the trust of customers over many years by developing various noise suppression products, helping to disseminate noise suppression technology, and providing noise suppression services.

This page introduces Murata Manufacturing's diverse knowhow and achievements in noise suppression, as well as noise suppression products such as ferrite beads, LC composite filters, and common mode choke coils which are all well suited to automotive devices.

Noise suppression products Reference block diagram / Part adoption example

Murata's noise suppression products have been adopted for use in various automotive applications, from ABS and ECU automotive powertrains/safety equipment to car audio, car navigation system, and other automotive infotainment devices.
Please refer to the following typical example of target products where these are to be used for several application of automotive devices. 
These are just a little bit of representative adoption example and application devices which are now aiming to focus.

Reference block diagram / Part adoption example Sample

To check the reference block diagram and a part adoption example, please click the following application name.

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Applications arget area
In-Vehicle Infotainment Differential signal lines
Single ended signal lines
Analog/digital video lines
Analog/digital audio lines
Power lines
xEV Power Control Unit

Broad lineup of automotive noise suppression components

Automotive ferrite beads

Compact noise suppression filters that do not require a ground connection. Optimal for minor noise suppression.

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Automotive three-terminal capacitors

Capacitors with a three-terminal structure developed for noise suppression. Noise suppression performance that is superior to ferrite beads.

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Automotive common mode choke coils

Filters that efficiently suppress the problem of common mode noise which easily occurs in cables. Optimal for noise suppression in high speed differential transmission lines.

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Automotive LC composite filters

EMI suppression filters which combine a capacitor with an inductor. Little impact on the signal waveform in high speed signal lines.

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Automotive filters with a varistor function

EMI suppression filters which combine a capacitor with a varistor. Able to simultaneously absorb surge voltages and suppress EMI noise.

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Automotive block-type filters

High performance noise filter that supports large currents and provides noise suppression across a broad frequency band in one product.

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Automotive impedance filters

Filters that suppress noise at a specific frequency in audio lines, etc.

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