EMI Suppression Filters (EMC and Noise Suppression)BL□Example of Noise Suppression Effect

BLM□□H Series Noise Suppression of BLM18H in UHF Range

Noise Suppression Effect and Description

  • Current BLM18AG are effective in suppressing noise in the range between 300MHz and 700MHz.

  • In addition to the effectiveness of current BLM, BLM18HG suppresses noise in the range beyond 700MHz.

Comparison between BLM18HG102SN1 and BLM18AG102SN1 (Current Item)

BLM□□R Series Waveform Distortion Suppressing Performance of BLM□□R Series

Noise Suppression Effect and Description

(a) Initial (No filter)
  • Ringing is caused on the signal waveform.
    Such ringing contains several hundred MHz harmonic components and generates noise.
(b) Resister (47Ω) is used
  • Comparing initial waveform, ringing is suppressed a little.
    However, high level waveform distortion still remains.
(c) BLM18RK221SN1 (220Ω at 100MHz) is used
  • BLM18R has excellent performance for noise suppression and waveform distortion suppression.
    BLM18R suppresses drastically not only the spectrum level in more than 100MHz range but waveform distortion.