EMI Suppression Filters (EMC and Noise Suppression)Details of Murata’s EMC support setup

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to two aspects of performance: 1) emission: suppressing of the radiation of electrical noise from electronic devices, and 2) immunity, the prevention of problems in the functioning of electronic devices due to electrical noise from the surrounding environment. From the upstream phase of product development, Murata supports effective EMC design as well as noise measurement and suppression at the prototype stage.

Murata’s EMC support includes proposals to assist in noise suppression.

We respond promptly to requests from customers.

Our major facilities in Japan (Kyoto and Yokohama), China (Shanghai and Shenzhen), and Germany (Nuremberg) are equipped with anechoic chambers and shielded rooms for use in evaluation, and our facilities in the United States (San Jose), Beijing, and Taipei are also equipped with shielded rooms, enabling us to provide customers with noise suppression support at facilities in the regions where they operate.

Murata can provide the following types of support to match the circumstances and product development stage of each customer.

  1. EMC noise suppression support for customers visiting our facilities
  2. EMC noise suppression support provided on a contract basis
  3. On-site EMC noise suppression support at the customer’s facility

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Location/City Facilities and Capabilities
Kyoto 3 m radio wave anechoic chamber, shielded room
Yokohama 10 m radio wave anechoic chamber, 3 m radio wave anechoic chamber, anechoic chamber for automotive devices, shielded room
Shanghai 3 m radio wave anechoic chamber, shielded room
Beijing shielded room
Shenzhen anechoic chamber for automotive devices
Taipei shielded room
San Jose shielded room
Nuremberg anechoic chamber for automotive devices

Please contact Murata to discuss your noise suppression needs.

Murata makes use of its many years of experience developing EMI suppression filters to propose effective solutions for a variety of EMC issues affecting devices from the upstream phase of product development right up to the verge of mass production. Our team includes a large number of iNARTE*-certified engineers.

*iNARTE: International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics

Previous noise suppression examples

  • Information devices (PCs and servers)
  • Mobile phones (smartphones)
  • Automotive devices (vehicle navigation systems, audio systems, cameras, and networked devices)
  • AV equipment (TVs, digital cameras, and HDD video recorders)
  • Industrial equipment (industrial robots and servomotors)
  • IC peripheral circuits

And many more practical applications.