Non-Isolated DC-DC converter moduleUltraCP™

The MYCxx series of Ultra-Thin, Fully Integrated Charge pump, Capacitor divider module is based on Murata's proprietary adiabatic or lossless charge pump technology.
The module integrates all passive components including inductor in one package and the technology is ideally suited to provide "Lossless" step-down voltage conversion for intermediate bus system to support downstream Point-of-Load and enable highest level efficiency.

Product Lineup

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Part Number Status Divider ratio Vin [V] Vo [V] Io [A] Size W [mm] Size L [mm] Height [mm] Efficiency [%] IC Part Number
MYC0300 Under Development 2 or 3 8.2-15 (Div.3) Vin/3 10 11.5 10.7 2.0 97.1
5.5-10 (Div.2) Vin/2
MYC0409 In Production 4 20-60 (Div.4) Vin/4 6 11.5 9.5 2.0 96.5

Technical Reference

Characteristics of Murata's Charge Pump

Think of it as a virtually lossless DC transformer…. only very small…
  • Open Loop - Vout tracks Vin
  • Vout is a fixed ratio of Vin (i.e. ÷2, ÷3, ÷4, or ×2, ×3, ×4, etc.)
  • Several ratios possible within one part (e.g. ÷2, ÷3)
  • Efficiency remains approximately the same irrespective of ratio (≈97%)
  • Phase interleaved and soft switching with low ripple/EMI/noise
  • Inherently parallelable