Power SemiconductorFlexiBK™

The PE241xx series of Ultra-High Efficiency, 2-stage Point-of Load Regulator is based on combination with Murata's proprietary adiabatic or lossless charge pump technology.
The technology is ideally suited to provide step-down voltage conversion from 2/3cell battery or 12Vin Point-of Load application and dramatically reduce solution size/height while increasing conversion efficiency.
The IC's are based on integrated charge pump control architecture with integrated FETs to configure 2-stage architecture that consists of charge pump followed by buck regulator.

Product Lineup

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Part Number Status Outputs (#) Io [A] Vin [V] Vo [V] Switching frequency [kHz] Efficiency [%] Interface Package Inquiry Module Part Number
PE24101/PE24102 In Production 1 6 5.5 to 14.4 0.6 to 2.0 500 to 2000 90
I2C 2 × WLCSP Contact us MYTNA1R86RELA2RA
(Quad output)
Under Development 1 ~ 4
4 ~ 16 9.6 to 15.5 0.5 to 2.0 1200 to 1800 88
PMBus WLCSP Contact us  
PE24108 Under Development 1 9 3.0 to 3.6 0.37 to 0.7 850 to 2000 88.5
N/A LGA Contact us  

Technical Reference

Murata's Unique Two-stage Architecture for Step Down conversion

A highly flexible multi-stage architecture comprising a patented “pipeline” stage switched-capacitor network (charge pump) combined with buck stage.

Virtually lossless stage irrespective of conversion ratio! Efficiency is largely independent of the difference between input and output voltage. Capacitors do most of the work, enabling greatly reduced inductor sizing. Uses low voltage FETs throughout the power train. Built on standard CMOS.

Interleaved Operation for Lower Ripple/EMI and Better Transient Performance

Interleaved Charge Pump stage leads to Lower input ripple Lower EMI emissions Interleaved Buck Converter stage leads to Lower output ripple Better transient performance

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