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Crystal units and MEMS resonators are used in the microcomputers and wireless communication ICs in various COVID-19 countermeasure products such as non-contact thermometers, pulse oximeters, trackers, test kits and analyzers, ventilators, and dispenser for alcohol and hand soap, in healthcare products such as insulin pens, inhalers, blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, bathroom scales, and activity meters. Piezoelectric sounders are used for confirmation sounds in these products.
This section introduces piezoelectric sounders.

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Sound comparison

Compare sound by model number/input signal (frequency).





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Product Lineup
This section introduces Murata's primary piezoelectric sound components.


SMD Sounders
We introduce the main reasons to choose Murata's SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) sounders.

■Crystal Units and MEMS Resonateors for Medical and Healthcare