Silicon CapacitorsApplication for Medical

Murata has a long and successful history in implantable medical systems, by providing since many years mainly custom Integrated Passive Devices. We design specific IPDs for the main actors of the domain, who stack them with their active components. This is made for example in pacemakers or neurostimulators, in order to integrate even more the systems, to gain both in current consumption and reliability.

Our customers are mainly providing implantable medical systems, such as neuro stimulators, artificial retinas, cochlar implants or pacemakers. Other customers benefit also from the performances of our components fo instrumentation equipments, such as medical monitoring or other devices like catheters.

Image of Application for Medical

A full integrated medical system with stacked IPDs

Custom products for Medical

Custom Silicon Capacitors

Murata Silicon Capacitors can be adapted to your specific requirements in term of capacitance, dimensions including thickness, finishing or packaging. So let’s offer the best to your design and ensure performances and integration.

Image of Custom Silicon Capacitors

Custom Integrated Passive Devices (IPD)

Murata offers the integration of multiple passive devices into a single package to even improve the integration of your system. This goes from capacitors arrays to complex Integrated Passive Solutions (IPDs) embedding different types of capacitors, resistors or connections. Thanks to this stackable IPDs, you win space in your design, you avoid the mounting of multiple discrete components, and you improve reliability and performances by shortening the distance between components such as decoupling capacitors of passive filters and the active device.

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Image 1 of IPD

Example of a replacement of discrete passive components by 2 IPDs that are stacked, bumped and molded together with the active die. Benefits are of course a drastically win of space and volume, enabling an overall system high integration. In the case of implantable medical devices, this miniaturization might also bring more space for batteries. Another benefit is a gain in terms of performances.

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Image 2 of IPD

In the case described above, the passive components are replaced by 3 IPDS, that are flipped and solder mounted of the main PCB, close to the active component.

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Image 3 of IPD

In this third case, the passive components are replaced by 3 IPDS, that are fembedde in the main PCB, reducing therefore the distance with the active die connections. This helps improving further the integration of the system and its performances.

Standard products for Medical

Medical Grade Silicon Capacitor (MGSC)

The MGSC series targets high reliability medical applications such as implantable devices (pacemaker, defibrillator...). MGSC are optimized in terms of reliability to avoid any burning test and to ensure that the initial failure rate is drastically lower than other ceramic types.
The very low leakage current enables to improve the performances of battery based applications and increase their lifetime.

Key features
  • High reliability.
  • Extreme low profile (100µm) .
  • High stability over voltage, temperature and aging.
  • Die to die stacking.
  • Finishing & assembly: Aluminum pads suitable for wirebonding assembly. Copper finishing option for embedded technology.

Other Stantard Silicon Capacitors might be used for medical systems depending on the needs. Please refer to our catalog to know more about the available Silicon Capacitors and their added values.

Embedded Silicon Capacitor

Murata Silicon Capacitors can be embedded in Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and laminates thanks to their very low profile bellow 100µm and to their copper (Cu) platted finishing. Embedded silicon capacitors enable a significant current loop reduction (required for processors supply filtering) while saving space on board (required especially for medical implanted devices). Some standard Silicon Capacitors can be embedded, like the EMSC series, and some custom products can also be specially designed to be embedded.

Cut view of an embedded Silicon Capacitor

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