Silicon Capacitors2D Silicon Interposers

Murata has been a pioneering Silicon interposer platform since early 2000. With more than 100 million silicon interposers delivered in various markets, Murata is clearly recognized as a market leader. The Murata interposer product offering includes a huge variety of solutions, from Basic 2D interposers to advanced 3D interposers with passive components built in the Silicon, in order to meet all your interposer requirements.

The Murata 2D silicon interposer is the perfect solution for applications with major size constraints. Thanks to the redistribution layer capability combined with the Murata Integrated Passive Device technology, most of the components required for the application can be integrated or soldered on top of the silicon interposer.

Key Features
  • 2 metal layers minimum
  • Thickness 300 µm
  • Very low leakage currents
  • 2 metal line space: 5 µm minimum
  • Integrated passive components
  • 250 nF/mm2 trench capacitors with high stability and low ESR
  • High quality factor inductors Q > 80 at 10 GHz
  • Polysilicon resistors with excellent matching
Key Benefits
  • Huge system siize reduction
  • Perfect CTE matching
  • Bumping and flip-chip or die attach and wire bonding
  • Native redistribution and fan-out
  • Compliant with :
    • Organic platform (FR4, PCB, Flex, etc.)
    • Ceramic platform Package substrate
    • Glass platform
    • Metallic lead-frame platform

Murata Silicon Interposer main applications

  • Space transformer, from semiconductor pitch to applicative substrate pitch with layout redistribution and space saving.
  • Wafer level packaging solution.
  • Interposer in Semiconductor IC Package with decoupling capacitors and redistribution layers.
  • System integration platform with integrated passives, active bare dies, and Xtal, SMD.

Silicon Interposer comparison with alternative technologies

Fig 1 : Comparison on dimensions aspects
Fig 2 : Comparison on thermal, thermo-mechanical and material aspects

2D PICS Interposer examples