Power ProductsFlexiCP™

The PE252xx series of Ultra-High Efficiency, Capacitor Divider products is based on Murata's proprietary adiabatic or lossless charge pump technology.
The technology is ideally suited to provide "Lossless" step-down voltage conversion for intermediate bus system to support downstream Point-of-Load and enable highest level efficiency.
The IC's are based on integrated charge pump control architecture with integrated FETs and capable of connecting in parallel to scale to high power system requirements.

Product Lineup

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Part Number Status Divider Ratio Vin [V] Vo [V] Io [A] Efficiency [%] Package
PE25200 In Development 2 or 3 8.2-15 (Div.3) Vin/3 10 97 (12Vin/4Vo) WLCSP
5.5-10 (Div.2) Vin/2
PE25204 In Production 3 or 4 18-60 (Div.4) Vin/4 6 96.8(48Vin/12Vo)
18-45 (Div.3) Vin/3

Technical Reference

Characteristics of Murata's Charge Pump

  • Think of it as a virtually lossless DC transformer…. only very small…