3D printers

Murata is enabling the progress of 3D printers, with our capacitors and noise suppression parts supporting high-speed image processing; wireless communication modules that enhance connectivity; and sensors and countermeasure parts against heat for safety.

SubTitleIconNo01 CPU

SubTitleIconNo02 Display Panel / Buzzer

Ceramic Resonators CERALOCK®

Piezoelectric Sounders

SubTitleIconNo03 Interface

SubTitleIconNo04 Connectivity

SubTitleIconNo05 Motor Driver

SubTitleIconNo06 Heated Printer Head

SubTitleIconNo07 DC‐DC Converter 

SubTitleIconNo08 Power Supply

Murata Icon X General Purpose

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Resin External Electrode Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils)

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils)

Chip Ferrite Beads

3 Terminal Capacitors

Feed Through Chip EMI Filters

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Chip Common Mode Choke Coils

Microwave Absorbers

Ferrite Cores

Thin Type Sandwich Cores

Small Energy Devices