CeramicCapacitorGMD Series

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Wire Bonding/AuSn Soldering Mount Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

These capacitors have gold-plated electrodes and are designed specifically for wire bonding and use of gold-tin (AuSn) solder.


1. Designed specifically for wire bonding and use of gold-tin (AuSn) solder

The gold-plated external electrodes make these devices suitable for wire bonding or use of gold tin (AuSn) solder.

Example of Structure Mounting Example

※This product is suitable only for wire bonding or use of gold-tin (AuSn) solder. Other mounting methods should not be used.

2. Ideal for mounting in packages, such as optical communication related devices , IC and etc.

Noise can be reduced by eliminating the routing of the wire, and high efficiency can be achieved with a built-in capacitor in the package, such as TO-CAN, IC and etc. by wire bonding mounting.

3. Contributes to the miniaturization of the set.

Murata offers a lineup of small size products, such as the 0603 (0201) and 1005 (0402) in mm (inch).


Size(mm) 0.6x0.3mm - 1.0x0.5mm
Rated Voltage 6.3Vdc - 50Vdc
Capacitance 100pF - 1.0μF
Main applications Various device related,such as GaAsIC (mounted in IC packages)


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