Shock Sensors (For HDD・Automotive TPMS)

Based on long unique piezoelectric ceramic technology in-house, Murata shock sensors are developed unique and high performance acceleration sensors used for detecting vibration and impact (mechanical shock).

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Murata shock sensors detect externally applied impact or vibration and generate an electrical signal. These unique acceleration sensors have a simple structure that is sandwiched between piezoelectric ceramic materials.

  • For HDD

    Murata shock sensors find use in many computer hard disk drives. They detect impacts - for example, when the storage falls to the floor - in a fraction of a second and prevent read and write errors. Hard disk drives are fitted with 2 additional shock sensors positioned diagonally (acceleration sensors). The difference in the acceleration levels registered by both sensors is used to control rotational vibration.

    For Consumer
  • For Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    In the automotive market, shock sensors are used to reduce degradations of batteries used for TPMS modules integrated in tire valves. These sensors register tire rotation speed to wake up the TPMS system, helping extend battery life. The lineup includes automotive TPMS shock sensors with three detection angles conforming to the AEC-Q200 Standards.

    For TPMS