Timing Devices (MEMS Resonator / Crystal Unit / Ceramic Resonator) IC Matching Service Information

Description of IC – Timing Devices Matching and design tool.

What is an “IC Matching Service” ?

When using an IC and a timing device in combination with each other, it is necessary to select a suitable timing device and circuit constants according to the IC used and the appropriate frequency accuracy, and construct an oscillator circuit based on those values.

If the timing device is not appropriate, it is likely to stop oscillating or oscillate abnormally, preventing the equipment from operating normally.

●Acquired peace of mind●

  • Optimum circuit constants
  • Prevention of abnormal oscillation
  • Suitable Murata part number and specifications
  • Reduction of the evaluation period for the set
test items

To assist the customer in achieving this performance, Murata borrows the customer's mounted board, and offers the optimum recommended circuit based on our evaluation of IC matching.

Design tool which utilized own evaluation data

Evaluation data of various IC is disclosed on the Internet as a design tool.
The matching service is used by customers in various fields, such as the automobile industry, for circuit design. It can be used as a reference at the initial stage of development and design.

Customers with the following questions read on!

"Is there an easier and quicker way to check matching?"
"It's troublesome to prepare the board and send it each time. Can't I eliminate the necessity of doing this?"

It's easy!
There is no need to prepare the board, register or download any data. Simply enter the name of the IC manufacturer and the part number of the IC product.
It's fast!
The results are displayed immediately.
It gives you the peace of mind!
The results are disclosed based on the values acquired by actually carrying out an evaluation.
  • * More than 40,000 cases are currently displayed on the Internet. (As of June 2019) The results of
    evaluating new ICs will be progressively disclosed.
  • *The oscillator circuit constants are evaluated using a circuit designed by us.
    The evaluation results may differ form time to time depending upon the wiring pattern of the
    actual board used by the customer and the noise environment in which the board is installed.

Development to Crystal Units and MEMS Resonators

We have an extensive lineup of timing devices ranging from ceramic products to crystal units and MEMS resonators, enabling them to be used in high performance and high precision applications.

We have developed our matching evaluation technology from years of experience in performing a very similar matching service for our CERALOCK, Crystal Units and MEMS Resonators, which is completed by proposing recommended circuit conditions for every evaluation.
This data is then stored in the above mentioned IC - Timing Devices Matching Search ToolOpen in New Window

We have also disclosed a list of crystal oscillators recommended by IC manufacturers.

Application Note(agreed with IC Maker)

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IC matching bases

Base (location) information

Toyama Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Murata Electronics Co., Ltd.
Korea Murata Electronics Company, Limited

Highly regarded local support

  • The Chinese base provides support within China, and the South Korean base provides support within South Korea.
  • Local-language support is available.
  • Answers within two to three business days.
  • Note:Support is provided from Japan for inquiries from other regions.
Supported products *1 Crystal Units
Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK)
MEMS Resonator
Reply period two to three business days *2
Reply details Circuit constants of customer’s board
Oscillator specifications
Proposed part number
Detailed report
Information necessary for evaluation Operable board
Board operation method
Murata evaluation request form
  • *1In South Korea local support is available for crystal units only.
  • *2Average number of days following arrival of board at Murata. Average number of days following arrival of board at Murata.