CeramicCapacitorNFM Series

  • General
  • Complied with RoHS
  • LowESL
  • Product suitable for noise suppression
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3 Terminals Low ESL Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

This is the most suitable Low ESL capacitors for noise measurement and power decoupling of highspeed electrical devices.


1. Low ESL

Since the equivalent series inductance (ESL) is low and excellent in high frequency characteristics, this capacitor is suitable for power supply decoupling of high-speed operation electronic equipment.


2. Contributes to a reduction in the number of components.

The number of components can be reduced by using low ESL capacitors, while maintaining functions equivalent to 2-terminal capacitor.

Contributes to a reduction in the number of components
Contributes to noise suppression as an EMI filter


Size(mm) 1.0x0.5mm - 4.5x1.6mm
Rated Voltage 2.5Vdc - 100Vdc
Capacitance 100pF - 27μF
Main applications Application processor,PMIC


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