Single Layer Microchip Capacitors

Single Layer Microchip Capacitors
- Features
1. A simple single layer structure with finely grained high-density ceramic dielectric material and pure gold electrodes ensures high reliability and outstanding frequency characteristics. 
2. A wide selection of sizes from ultracompact 0.25 mm square is ideal for downsizing circuits and achieving high-density mounting. 
3. Use of gold electrodes allows for die bonding with Au-Sn and wire bonding with gold wiring. 
4. One-sided or double-sided Au-Sn coating is available for improved mountability and ease of handling. 
5. In addition to part numbers indicated in the catalog, customized variants (in terms of dimensions, capacitance, etc.) are also available on request. 

- Applications
Microwave integrated circuits (amplifiers, transmitters, mixers, control circuits, etc.), optical communication equipment, mobile communication equipment, and measuring equipment

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Single Layer Microchip Capacitors

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  • CAT NO. c01e-3
  • UPDATE 15/03/2010
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