CeramicCapacitorKR3 Series

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  • Complied with RoHS
  • Anti-noise
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  • Deflectingcrack
  • Solderingcrack
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High Effective Capacitance & High Allowable Ripple Current Metal Terminal Type Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

Bonding the metal terminals to external electrodes solves design issues by mounting large size MLCC!


1. Bond Metal Terminals to External Electrodes of Chips

This product has high resistance to heat and mechanical impact and greatly reduces acoustic noise of boards by ceramics.

Reduces stress by the elastic action of the metal terminals!

2. Stacking of Chips

Achieve high capacity by stacking 2 capacitors.

Stacking of Chips

3. Adopted Low Dielectric Constant Materials

Improved effective capacity and ripple resistant performance, compared to conventional products (X7R characteristics).



Size(mm) 6.1x5.3mm
Rated Voltage 250Vdc - 630Vdc
Capacitance 0.10μF - 2.2μF
Main applications For DC-DC converters of general electronic equipment


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