Timing Devices (MEMS Resonator / Crystal Unit / Ceramic Resonator) Selection Guide of Timing Devices

A full lineup of MEMS resonator, Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK) and Crystal Units are now available.

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Products Applications Frequency Frequency Tolerance*
MEMS resonator
Reference clock of a small and low-profile devices
(Medical patch type devices, Smart cards, Modules with communication functions, Wearable devices, Wireless earphones)
32.768kHz ±20ppm
Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK
Vehicle ECUs (Safety/Body control, Battery control, Powertrain)
2 to 24MHz ±0.1% to ±0.5%
Consumer / Industrial
Reference clock applications for microcomputers of various device
(AV, OA, Home appliance and industrial systems)
4 to 20MHz
Lead :
3.4 to 70MHz
±0.1% to ±0.5%
Crystal Units
In-vehicle Ethernet/FlexRay
16 to 48MHz ±30ppm to ±100ppm
Consumer / Industrial
Wireless communication devices
Consumer/Industrial devices
10 to 52MHz ±10ppm to ±100ppm