Selection Guide of Timing Devices

A full lineup of MEMS resonator, Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK) and Crystal Units are now available.

Products Applications Frequency
Frequency Tolerance*
MEMS resonator

Reference clock of a small and low-profile devices
(Medical patch type devices, Smart cards, Modules with communication functions, Wearable devices, Wireless earphones)
Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK)

Vehicle ECUs (Safety/Body control, Battery control, Powertrain)

2 to 20MHz
to ±0.5% 
Consumer / Industrial

Reference clock applications for microcomputers of various device
(AV, OA, Home appliance and industrial systems)

2 to 20MHz
Lead :
3.4 to 70MHz
to ±0.5%
Crystal Units

In-vehicle Ethernet/FlexRay

16 to 48MHz
to ±100ppm
Consumer / Industrial

Wireless communication devices
Consumer/Industrial devices

10 to 52MHz
to ±100ppm


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  The optimum recommended circuit based on our evaluation of IC matching.
  PDF flyers for product lineup and new product information are available.
  Product list that have been discontinued, or are planning to discontinue.