CeramicCapacitorZRA Series

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  • Complied with RoHS
  • Anti-noise
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Low Acoustic Noise Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors on Interposer Board for General Purpose

Reduces noise with a new structure where the capacitor is mounted on an interposer board.


1. This product has a noise reduction effect.

Mounting the capacitor on an interposer board suppresses the transmission of vibration of the capacitor, which reduces the noise level.

Example of structure Noise Level Comparison

2. Designs can be performed on the same land pattern as the general-purpose product (GRM Series).

Since an interposer board of a size close to a general-purpose product (GRM Series) is used, when noise occurs, the product can be replaced without changing the land pattern (reduction of noise level).
(* When a sufficient distance between components has not been secured (when components are mounted side-by-side) a revision of the land design may be required.)

ZRA Series Recommended Land Dimensions


Size(mm) 2.4x1.65mm
Rated Voltage 4Vdc - 25Vdc
Capacitance 22μF - 47μF
Main applications Mobile phones,tablet terminals,PC,DSC,video cameras,HDD/SSD,panel related,car navigation and portable recorders


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