Chip Ferrite Beads

Chip Ferrite Beads
BL□ Series

Product lines and by the know-how obtained in noise suppression field, total support, including design support simulation software, Murata has to meet the requirements of various noise control applications. 

In EMI Suppression Filters EMIFIL®, the lineup the product ferrite beads, a built-in capacitor filter, common mode choke coil, block type (high-current high-attenuation).

Chip Ferrite Beads

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Chip Ferrite Beads


Chip Ferrite Beads

Murata Icon X Examples of noise suppression using chip ferrite beads

Chip Ferrite Beads
BL□Example of Noise Suppression Effect
An example of high-frequency noise suppression using BLM□□H series chip ferrite beads for GHz band noise and an example of using the BLM□□R series to suppress noise and reduce waveform distortion in a digital circuit are shown.
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Everything about chip ferrite beads is described here, from the answer to the question “What are chip ferrite beads?”, to information on “efficient usage of products”

Precautions for Using Chip Ferrite Beads

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 A PDF catalog for chip ferrite beads is available for download.

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