TVS Diodes (ESD Protection Devices)

TVS diodes (ESD protection devices) are used to prevent electronic equipment from breakdown or malfunctioning due to ESD. By using TVS diodes, ESD is released through the TVS diodes before it enters the IC or electrical circuit and damages them. For example, if ESD enters the inside of the device through the USB connector, the device can be protected by the TVS diode.
Murata offers 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm (size 0402), 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (size 0603), and 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm (size 1006) sizes to protect a wide range of applications from power lines to high-speed transmission lines.

Product Lineup

What are TVS Diodes ?

Functions required for TVS Diodes

Not ESD issue
Insulated from GND with IC drive voltage.
ESD issue
Conducts with GND and releases high voltage to GND.

Usage Example

Although TVS diodes are used as protection elements in various situations, Murata's TVS diodes have a long track record of use protecting ICs, as shown in the example below.

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Image of USB2.0 connector LXES03TAA1-142 LXES03TBB1-141 LXES03TAA1-199 LXES1UTAA1-157 LXES1UTBB1-157 target= LXES03TBB1-141 LXES03TAA1-199 LXES1UTAA1-157 LXES1UTBB1-157

Applications: PCs, micro controllers, monitors, etc.

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Image of GPS IC/GPS module LXES03TBB1-141 LXES02TAA1-145 LXES03TAA1-199 LXES1UTAA1-157 LXES1UTBB1-157

Unidirectional / Bidirectional TVS

current starts to flow the breakdown voltage on one side.
current starts to flow at the same voltage.

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