Silicon CapacitorsWASC Series

Automotive Range
Wire bondable Automotive vertical Silicon Capacitors

The WAS Capacitor has been qualified according to AECQ-100 up to 68V, Grade 0 ( -40°C/+150°C) 2000 cycles TMCL. Qualification report of the BV150 technology according to AECQ100 requirements is available on request.

Target applications are decoupling and filtering of active devices when miniaturization and low ESL are required. The WASC offers capacitance range from 100pF up to 4,7nF. Other capacitance values and other package size can be available on request as a single die or capacitor array; please feel free to contact us. The WAS Capacitor is based on PICS Integrated Passive technology.

They are RoHS-compliant at the time of publication.

Key features

  • AECQ-100 Qualification
  • Full compatible Monolithic ceramic capacitors for replacement
  • Ultra-high stability of capacitance value:
    • Temperature 70ppm /K (-55 °C to +150 °C)
    • Voltage <0.02%/Volts
    • Negligible capacitance loss through ageing
  • Low profile 0.25mm+/-0.010mm and 0.1mm +/-0.010mm. Other thickness possible on request.
  • Small size from 0.26 x 0.26mm +/-0.02mm (0101 format) up to 0.5 x 2mm ( 0208 format)
  • Break down voltage > 150V
  • Low leakage current
  • High reliability
  • High operating temperature (up to 150 °C)
  • Compatible with high temperature cycling during manufacturing operations (exceeding 300 °C)
  • Applicable for standard wire bonding assembly (ball and wedge)

(please refer to our assembly note for more details)

Key applications

  • Any demanding automotive applications, such as ADAS sensors ( Lidars, Radars) as well as all Automotive SiP devices ( Mems sensors, TPMS…)
  • Supply decoupling / filtering of active device
  • High reliability applications
  • Devices with battery operations
  • High temperature applications
  • High volumetric efficiency (i.e. capacitance per unit volume

WASC Series Specification

Parameter Value
Capacitance range 100 pF to 4.7 nF
Capacitance tolerance ±15%
Mounting Method Wire-bonding vertical(*1)
Operating temperature range -55°C to 150°C
Storage temperature -70°C to 165°C
Temperature coefficient +70ppm/K
Breakdown Voltage (BV) 150V
Capacitance variation versus RVDC 0.02%/V (from 0 to RVDC)
Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) Typ. 6pH @ SRF
Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Typ. 14mΩ
Insulation resistance 100GΩ @ RVDC @ 25°C, t>120s for 100nF
Ageing Negligible, < 0.001% / 1000h
Capacitor height 250µm or 100µm
  • (*1)Please check the assembly note for the mounting methods of each product.

WASC Series

Assembly Note

Assembly Note WBSC / WTSC / WXSC / WLSC_V1.7_Murata (PDF: 0.7 MB)


PDF Catalog

Commercial leaflet WASC_Murata_Rev 0.1_Murata (PDF: 0.8 MB)