Silicon CapacitorsEMSC Series

Wire-bondable or embedded low profile capacitor down to 100µm

Thanks to the unique Murata* Silicon capacitor technology, most of the problems encountered in demanding applications can be solved. The wire bondable or embedded low profile Silicon Capacitors are available with thicknesses of 100µm (down to 80µm on request) and are the most appropriate solution for embedded applications, when designers are looking at utmost decoupling behaviours. EMSC are optimized for laminate substrate package, rigid / flex PCB, FR4, ceramic, glass, leadframe or foil platforms. The Silicon capacitor technology offers a capacitor integration capability (up to 250nF / mm²) which allows downsizing compared with existing solutions. The Murata technology features high reliability, up to 10times better than alternative capacitor technologies, such as Tantalum or MLCC, and eliminates cracking phenomena. Silicon Capacitor technology also offers a very stable capacitor value over the full operating voltage & temperature range, with a high and stable insulation resistance. This Silicon based technology is ROHS compliant and can be compatible with lead free reflow soldering process.

*Murata Integrated Passive Solutions

Key features

  • Ultra Low profile 100µm (80µm on request).
  • High stability (temperature, voltage and aging).
  • Low ESL and ESR.
  • Low leakage current.
  • High reliability.
  • Embedding or wire-bonding solutions

(please refer to our assembly note for more details)

Key applications

  • Any demanding applications, such as medical, aerospace, automotive industrial…
  • Supply decoupling / filtering of active device
  • High reliability applications
  • Devices with battery operations
  • Volume limited applications

EMSC series Specification

Parameter Value
Capacitance range 390pF to 1µF
Capacitance tolerances ±15%(*)
Mounting Method Wire-bonding/ Embedded horizontal(*4)
Operating temperature range -55°C to 150°C
Storage temperature range -70°C to 165°C(*2)
Temperature coefficient +60ppm/K
Breakdown Voltage (BV) 11VDC or 30VDC(*5)
Capacitance variation versus RVDC 0.1%/V (from 0 to RVDC)
Insulation resistance 100 GΩ @ 3V, @ 25℃, t>120s, for 100nF
Aging Negligible, < 0.001% / 1000h
Reliability FIT<0.017 parts / billions hours
Capacitor height 100µm(*3)
  • (*) Other values on request
  • (*2)w/o packing
  • (*3)80µm thickness on request
  • (*4)Please check the assembly note for the mounting methods of each product.
  • (*5)See the FAQ here for the relationship between breakdown voltage and rated voltage.

EMSC Series

Refer to this FAQ regarding the relationship between voltage tolerance and rated voltage.
See the FAQ here for the part numbering.

Assembly Note

Assembly Note EMSC V1.9_Murata (PDF: 0.6 MB)


PDF Catalog

PDF documents related to silicon capacitors can be downloaded below

Commercial leaflet_EMSC V4.4_Murata (PDF: 1.0 MB)