EMI Suppression Filters (EMC and Noise Suppression)NFM/NFW Example of Noise Suppression Effect

Features and Effects of NFM Series (3-terminal Capacitor Type)

- High-frequency performance of NFM18PS series -

High frequency performance of NFM18PS series

NFM18PS series has better high-frequency performance compared to normal chip 3-terminal capacitors.

- Optimize of noise suppression using chip 3-terminal capacitor -

Optimize of bypass capacitors using chip 3-terminal capacitor

Comparison of performance as a noise suppression filter

Comparison of performance as a bypass capacitor Without capacitor
With MLCC 0.22µFx4
With chip 3-terminal capacitor (NFM) 1µFx1

Noise suppression effect of NFM series is better than MLCCs (1 NFM is better than 4 MLCCs) .

Features and Effects of NFW Series (LC Combined type)

EMI suppression filter in signal lines

Measuring Circuit

Noise Suppression Effect and Description

Signal Waveform abd Notice Spectrum before Filter Mounting
NFW31S Series (Cut-off frequency 50MHz)
Conventional Chip Solid Tyype EMI Filter (NFM41CC 470pF)
Filter Combined with Conventional LCs

Combinations of inductors and capacitors can yield a steep attenuation characteristic, but they require a great deal more mounting space.
Moreover, at high frequencies the EMI suppression is less than that obtained by NFW31S.