Data Center & Open ComputePSU

Power Supply Unit

Highly efficient power supply compatible with a centralized power supply system.

Use up to 5 or 6 pcs into Murata power shelves (MWOCES, MWDCES series).

Series Lineup

Category Part Number Status Appearance Height Output power(W) Outputs Vout1(V) Vout2(V) Efficiency Weight(kg) Operating Temperature(℃) Brand RoHS Inquiries

1U 3kW 2 12.3V 12.2V 96%
(at 50% load)
2.4kg 0℃~50℃ MPS YES Contact us

1U 3.6kW 2 54.5V 12V 96%
(at 50% load)
2.1kg 0℃~50℃ MPS YES Contact us