[Thermistors]Discontinued Products Information

The following products have been discontinued, or are planning to be discontinue. (Please note that not all discontinued products are listed.)

Please note that replacement products may have different configurations and characteristics.

In case of confirming the specifications, please understand that it is not a purpose of approval for new design, and it does not guarantee quality even if it is already used.

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Discontinued Products Information
Discontinued Date Specification Alternative products
PTC Thermistor PRF15**471QB1RC series 6/30/2020 Detail PRF15**102RB6RC series
NTC Thermistors NTPA series
Detail -
PTC Thermistors PTFM*B0 series
3/31/2019 Detail PTFM*BS series
PTC Thermistors PRF18/21*S1RB series
PRF18/21*S2RB series

3/31/2018 -
PRF*S5RB series
NTC Thermistors NTSD series 3/31/2017 Detail NXRT*5B series
PTC Thermistors PRF18/21*B1RB series
PRF18/21*B2RB series

3/31/2017 Detail
PRF*B5RB series
NTC Thermistors NTSA series 3/31/2016
Detail NXRT*1B series
POSISTOR for Motor Starters PTH*M series
12/31/2015 - -
POSISTOR for heating
(Micro heater)
PTW series 12/31/2014
- -
PTC Thermistors PTGL* series(some) Detailed reference Detail Detailed reference

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