Thermistors (Temperature Sensors)RoHS Certificate of Compliance

RoHS Certificate of Compliance

Currently, the product that our company supplies corresponds to Europe RoHS Directive, which regulates content of special materials in electric electronic devices.
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Product Series RoHS Certificate of Compliance
NTC Thermistor NCG Series RoHS Certification_NCG
NCP Series RoHS Certification_NCP
NCU Series RoHS Certification_NCU
NXF Series RoHS Certification_NXF
NXR Series RoHS Certification_NXR
PTC Thermistor PRF Series RoHS Certification_PRF
PRG Series RoHS Certification_PRG
PTFL Series RoHS Certification_PTFL
PTFM Series RoHS Certification_PTFM
PTGL Series RoHS Certification_PTGL