Crystal Units Crystal Units for near-field radio communication and storage

Murata's crystal units (XRCGB Series) for consumer market use a groundbreaking and unique packaging technology that is unparalleled in existing products, providing superior quality, production scale, and cost performance.

Reasons for recommending Murata's Crystal Units for consumer use

●A newly developed 2.0x1.6mm size fulfills the increase demands for size reduction.

A 60% size reduction compared to
the existing 3.2×2.5 mm size.

●Extensive product lineup to meet a variety of applications.

  • For near-field radio communication : Bluetooth® / Bluetooth® Low Energy(BLE) / NFC
  • For storage : SSD

●A variety of specification available.

  • Load capacitance (Cs) : 6pF, 8pF, 10pF *Other values available
  • Drive level : Able to maintain stable ocillation under high drive levels

●Expertise in matching crystal units with ICs implementing BLE, ZigBee®, NFC, and SSD.

Murata has evaluated the oscillating performances for the crystal units to match with all major ICs cooperating with IC manufacturers.
You can find the list of products suitable for each IC type.

●High-reliability and low-cost packaging Enabled by knowledge and experience of ceramic resonator (CERALOCK®) development.

Includes superior mechanical properties, such as impact and fall resistance, as well as resistance to environmentally occurring events.

Product Lineup

You can see the specs of recommended products by clicking the series name. 

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Application For Bluetooth® For BLE For NFC / SSD
Series XRCGB_F_S
(HCR2016 Type)
(HCR2016 Type)
(HCR2016 Type)
Size 2.0 x 1.6mm
Frequency Range 24.0000 to 40.0000 MHz 16.0000 to 32.0000 MHz 16.0000 to 50.0000 MHz
Standard Frequency 24/26/32/40 MHz 16/24/26/32 MHz NFC:27.1200MHz
Temperature Range -30~+85 °C
-40~+105 °C
-30 to +85 °C -30 to +85 °C
Frequency Tolerance
±10ppm ±20ppm *1) 16 to 32MHz : ±30ppm
33.868 to 50MHz : ±45ppm
Operating Temperature Range
-30~+85 °C : ±10ppm
-40~+105 °C : ±20ppm
±20ppm *1) ±40ppm
Frequency Aging ±2ppm max./year ±5ppm max./year ±5ppm max./year
Equivalent Series Resistance
24MHz : 70Ω
26MHz : 60Ω
32/40MHz : 50Ω
16MHz : 200Ω
24 to 27.12MHz : 150Ω
30 to 32MHz : 100Ω
16MHz : 200Ω
24 to 27.120MHz : 150Ω
30 to 50MHz : 100Ω
Load Capacitance 6pF, 8pF, 10pF
Other values available
6pF, 8pF, 10pF
Other values available
6pF, 8pF, 10pF
Other values available
Drive Level
300μW 300μW *2) 300μW *2)

*1) Frequency Tolerance + Operating Temperature Range = ±40ppm for 16MHz products

*2) Drive Level: 100μW for 16MHz products

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