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Murata Solutions for a Smarter Grid - AMR / AMI Applications

Smart Meters Deserve Smart Components

Smart Meter

When it comes to your smart meter design, you want Murata for the most advanced products, support and delivery. For over 66 years Murata has specialized in developing breakthrough-enabling solutions through material sciences, circuit design and manufacturing advancements.

Your customers are demanding cost-effective and reliable solutions yesterday. So it’s a no-brainer that you want the best on your team. The proven material, component and module technologies that Murata has cut its teeth on are deployed throughout the world in products you enjoy with confidence every day. The expertise to implement them are enabling the innovative actualization of emerging applications now and are only as far away as your local sales representative.

From Passive components to standard and custom modules, Murata is the world leader in the technologies that will help drive your Smart Grid design concepts to a brilliant reality.

Smart Grid Solutions

Products for AMR / AMI Applications Inductors
EMI Filters
AC Choke Coils
Chip Capacitors
UHF Band RFID-Tag and RFID Read-Write Module Solutions
Polymer Capacitors Product Guide 2012
ESD Protection Devices
DC-DC Converter Modules
Safety and High Voltage Capacitors
Shock Sensors for tamper detection
AMR Sensors for Hidden Switch and Flow Monitoring
RF and IF Filters for Most Wireless Protocols
   Wireless Module Solutions for:


WiFi Modules

WiFi Network Controller Module
BT; WiMAX; WLAN; more

Murata Wireless Solutions Website - (Wireless Modules)
GaAs Switch Devices (XM Series)
Front-End Modules (LMFE & MDFE Series) (Contact Murata for Info)

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