LPSC Series

Low profile capacitor down to 100µm

The LPSC target antenna matching, RF filtering and decoupling of active dies, in applications with height and volume constraints. They offer low profile (100µm thin, 80µm on request), with very high stability upon applied voltage, very low leakage current and high level of performances. These capacitors are dedicated to Smart Card, RFID tags, medical...where integration plays a key role. The LPSC product family is splitted into two series:

• LPSC range from 47pF to 1µF, suitable for embedded technologies, modules, system in package, when designers are looking for utmost decoupling behaviour;

• LPSC ESD Enhanced range from 47pF up to 330pF that works efficiently and durably in RFID environments. Thanks to the full modeling of the elementary cell, the ESD capabilities have been optimized up to 8kV (see Key Features below). Furthermore, our RFID Silicon capacitor range has been fine tuned in order to reach SRF up to 3GHz, hence allowing unique fine tuning of the antenna, from 13.56MHz up to UHF (800 / 900MHz) applications.

Murata Icon X Key features

  • Ultra low profile (100μm, 80μm on request).
  • High Q.
  • Voltage stability.
  • High ESD capabilities (ESD enhanced series): >1kV for 47 pF, >2kV for 100pF, >8kV for 330pF.
  • Low leakage current down to 100pA.
  • Low ESL and low ESR.
  • SRF > 1.2GHz for 100pF.

Murata Icon X Key applications

  • All demanding applications, such as medical, telecom, computer industries
  • Decoupling / Filtering / Charge pump (i.e.: Pacemakers / mobile phones)
  • Standard ID1 antenna
  • Dual Interface or Pure Contactless
  • Smart cards
  • RFID stickers for class 4-5-6 antenna
  • Telecom SIM
  • Wireless energy harvesting
  • Personal Medical, Health & Sport
  • Smart Sensors
  • Industrial Tags
  • Automotive TPMS / Car immobilizer

Murata Icon X LPSC series Specification

Parameter Value
Capacitance range 47 pF to 3.3µF(*)
Capacitance tolerances ±15%(*)
Operating temperature range -55°C to 150°C
Storage temperature range -70°C to 165°C(*2)
Temperature coefficient +60ppm/K
Breakdown Voltage (BV) 11 VDC or 30 VDC
Capacitance variation versus RVDC 0.1%/V (from 0 to RVDC)
Equivalent Series Inductor (ESL) Max 100 pH (*)
Equivalent Series Resistor (ESR) Max 200 mΩ(*)
Insulation resistance 100GΩ @ 3V, @ 25℃, t>120s, for 100nF
Aging Negligible, < 0.001% / 1000h
Reliability FIT<0.017 parts / billions hours
Capacitor thickness 100 µm

(*) Other values on request (*2) w/o packing

Murata Icon X Series Lineup

Low profile Si capacitors ESD Enhanced down to 100μm
from -55℃ to 150℃
Part number Capacitance BV Case size Thickness
935121714310-xxN 100pF 30V 0402 100μm
935121714333-xxN 330pF 30V 0402 100μm

Low profile Si capacitors down to 100μm
from -55℃ to 150℃
Part number Capacitance BV Case size Thickness
935121423510-xxN 10nF 11V 0201 100μm
935121424247-xxN 47pF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424310-xxN 100pF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424347-xxN 470pF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424410-xxN 1nF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424510-xxN 10nF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424522-xxN 22nF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424533-xxN 33nF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424547-xxN 47nF 11V 0402 100μm
935121424610-xxN 100nF 11V 0402 100μm
935121425610-xxN 100nF 11V 0603 100μm
935121426610-xxN 100nF 11V 0805 100μm
935121427610-xxN 100nF 11V 1206 100μm
935121427710-xxN 1μF 11V 1206 100μm

For other values, contact your Murata sales representative.

Murata Icon X PDF Catalog

PDF documents related to silicon capacitors can be downloaded below

Commercial leaflet LPSC ESD V1.7_Murata (PDF: 1.0 MB)

  • UPDATE 01/02/2018
Download PDF

Commercial leaflet LPSC V2.0_Murata (PDF: 0.8 MB)

  • UPDATE 01/02/2018
Download PDF

Assembly Note LPSC V1.8_Murata (PDF: 0.5 MB)

  • UPDATE 02/02/2018
Download PDF