FORTELION Battery System

Murata's energy storage modules are built from Olivine Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Ion Secondary Battery (FORTELION), which are known for their longevity, safety, and fast-charging capabilities.

Multiple energy storage modules are connected either in series or parallel by using BMU, BMU-HUB.
It is possible to customize voltage and capacity in order to meet a wide range of applications, from household to industry.

Li-ion Energy Storage System

Product Lineup

PDF Catalog

PDF catalogs for Energy Storage System at the following links:

FORTELION Battery System (PDF: 2.8 MB)


System configuration examples

Configuration examples for a variety of systems are presented here, ranging from small-scale systems for home use to large-scale systems for power grids.


This video introduces a key energy management product, an energy storage system utilizing FORTELION olivine type lithium iron phosphate lithium ion secondary batteries.

Lithium Batteries UN38.3 Test Summary

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Model Model Category Test Summary
IJ1001M Energy Storage Module TS 2017126J17843 IJ1001M PDF
IJ1101M Energy Storage Module TS 2017126J17840 IJ1101M PDF
IJ1201M Energy Storage Module TS 2017126J17838 IJ1201M PDF