CeramicCapacitorGRM Series

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Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

This is Murata primary products renowned for both small size and large capacitance value with latest advanced technology.


1. Achieves large-capacity and small size in a multilayer structure.

Example of Structure
  • “Thin Layer Technology” for thinner layers
  • “Fine Particle Technology”for finer particles
  • “High Precision Lamination Technology”for more accuracy

2. Sn plating is applied to the external electrodes; excellent solderability.

3. High reliability with no polarity.

High reliability with no polarity.


Size(mm) 0.25x0.125mm - 5.7x5.0mm
Rated Voltage 2.5Vdc - 3150Vdc
Capacitance 0.10pF - 330μF
Main applications 1. Rated voltage 100V Max.
High Dielectric Constant Type・・・For decoupling and smoothing circuits
Temperature Compensating Type・・・For tuning circuits,oscillating circuits,and high frequency filter circuits
2. Rated voltage 200V min.
High Dielectric Constant Type・・・For clamp snubber circuits and smoothing circuits
Temperature Compensating Type・・・Power supply damper snubber


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