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Heavy Duty Vehicles

Based on Murata's long experience as a reliable supplier of sensors for automotive safety applications, the company today is also developing MEMS solutions that are perfectly suitable for the most demanding agricultural and other heavy machinery applications.

Sensor requirements for heavy machinery are typically higher than for passenger car applications due to the more difficult working conditions. Components have to withstand extremely harsh conditions, including very high or low temperatures, moisture, dust, shock and/or continuous vibration. Harvesters, forest machines, tractors, mining equipment and other heavy machinery also typically require longer component lifetime. Sensors have to withstand these conditions without compromising high performance and accuracy.

Murata's proprietary 3D MEMS technology, together with a state-of-the-art ASIC and highly reliable packaging solution, results in very stable, robust and accurate sensors that perfectly meet the requirements of these demanding applications.

Sensor Benefits for Heavy Duty Vehicles

  • High performance and vibration robustness
  • Robust design
  • Excellent accuracy

Application Examples

  • Accurate navigation for tractor autosteering in agriculture
  • Platform levelling for forestry equipment & construction equipment
  • Inclination measurement for excavator booms and shovels
  • Inclination measurement for transmission control of commercial vehicles
  • IMUs of different vehicle categories
  • Dynamic levelling of platforms