PTC Thermistors (POSISTOR)PRF series / PTC thermistors
SMD type / for overheat sensing

Exploiting the PTC characteristic (a sharp increase in resistance above a certain temperature), the PRF series chip PTC thermistors are used for overheat sensing in FETs, power ICs, and other heat generating areas. Use of the sharp change in electrical resistance translates into outstanding noise resistance. Sharp changes in resistance make it possible to accurately detect overheating in multiple areas using a very simple circuit connecting PTC thermistors in series.

This allows the customer to reduce the number of IC ports, thereby downsizing equipment.

PRF Series

1PRF03 Series

2PRF15-1kΩ Series

3PRF15-10kΩ Series


5PRF18-470Ω Series (Tight Tolerance Type)

6PRF18-470Ω Series (for Automobiles・Tight Tolerance Type)

7PRF21-470Ω Series