PTC Thermistors (POSISTOR)PRG series / PTC thermistors
SMD type / for overcurrent protection:
Resettable fuse

The PRG series (Resettable fuse) of PTC thermistors for overcurrent protection device features rapid operation to protect the circuit as an overcurrent is generated, for example due to a short circuit. These products automatically return to their initial state when the overcurrent is eliminated and can be used repeatedly.
Use of ceramics material means high reliability and quick protection after short circuits, allowing the customer to make equipment safer and maintenance-free.
Compared with organic PTC elements and chip resistors having the same characteristics, the PRG series features higher withstand voltage and higher power capacity, making it possible to reduce the chip size. This helps the customer downsize equipment.

PRG Series

1PRG03 Series

2PRG18BB Series

3PRG21AR,BB Series

4PRG Series (For Automotive)