Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth® ModulesuSD-M2 Adapter

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Adapter interface for Murata’s Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® modules using Embedded Artists’ M.2 EVBs
  • Adapter
  • microSD or full-size SD interconnect for WLAN-SDIO
  • Flex Flat Cable (FFC) or jumper cable interconnect for BT-UART and control signals
  • Custom interconnect solution for NXP i.MX RT, 6, and 8 families
  • Native MCUXpresso software support with NXP’s i.MX RT 10xx family
  • Native Linux software support on NXP’s i.MX 6 and 8 families
  • Provides customizable interconnection to other application processor EVKs
  • New Rev. B1 adapter currently shipping (backwards compatible to Rev. A)
  • Replaces legacy Murata V1/V2 interconnect (i.MX 6 EVKs)


Murata collaborated closely with Embedded Artists AB to arrive at a seamless interconnect solution to enable Murata’s Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® modules on NXP’s i.MX Reference Platforms. Murata provides the uSD-M.2 Adapter; while Embedded Artists provides various M.2 module solutions with Murata module onboard.

Murata’s uSD-M.2 Adapter plugs into the NXP i.MX EVK; with Embedded Artists’ M.2 module interconnecting with the uSD-M.2 Adapter. All necessary WLAN/Bluetooth® signals including WLAN-SDIO, BT-UART, BT PCM/I2S, and WLAN/BT control/debug signals are included on M.2 connector pins (Key “E”). You can learn more about Murata’s wireless solutions for NXP i.MX family here. Additional useful landing pages include NXP-based modules, and Infineon (Cypress) based modules. Current Murata module support includes:

  • NXP Type 2DS, 1XK, and 1ZM on MCUXpresso platforms.
  • NXP Type 1XK, 1ZM, and 1YM (WLAN-SDIO) on Linux/Android platforms.
  • Infineon/Cypress Type 1DX, 1MW, and 1LV on MCUXpresso/Linux platforms.

Murata’s wireless i.MX Solution landing page provides detailed descriptions on various hardware/software configurations supported with the uSD-M.2 Adapter interconnect. Just highlighting key NXP i.MX platforms supported here:

  • NXP i.MX 8M Mini/Nano Evaluation Kits
  • NXP i.MX 6Quad(Plus)/DualLite/Solo Sabre Boards
  • NXP i.MX 6SoloX Sabre Board
  • NXP i.MX 6UL/ULL Evaluation Kits
  • NXP i.MX RT1064/1060/1050/1020 Evaluation Kits

Murata’s uSD-M.2 Adapter provides an ideal solution when microSD or SD connection is required for WLAN support. With some of the newer NXP platforms (i.MX RT1170 EVK), a direct M.2 connector is provided onboard; thereby only requiring Embedded Artists’ Wi-Fi®/BT M.2 EVB with Murata module onboard. In addition to NXP’s i.MX platforms, Embedded Artists provide enhanced solutions for customers enabling all different Murata wireless modules on a wide spectrum of NXP i.MX processors. For hardware specifics on supported i.MX interconnects with Murata’s uSD-M.2 Adapter, please refer to Murata’s Wi-Fi®/BT Solution for i.MX Hardware User Manual.


Product Type Adapter
Product Status in production recommended
Accessory Details
  • Provides uSD-M2 interconnect for NXP i.MX (RT/6/8) EVKs
  • M.2 screw for attaching Embedded Artists’ M.2 Module Family
  • Flex Flat Cable (FFC) for additional I/O connection – i.MX 6 EVKs
  • Male-to-female jumper cables for Arduino header connection - i.MX RT/8 EVKs
  • Nylon stand-offs and screws for proper mechanical support
  • microSD to SD Adapter - i.MX 6 EVKs
  • Test points, WLAN-JTAG connector
  • Onboard voltage level (VIO) shifters for BT-UART and WLAN/BT CTRL GPIOs


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Last Update: Jan 26, 2021

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram : uSD-M2 Adapter

Eval Tool

Evaluation Tool

Top and bottom views of the uSD-M.2 Adapter are shown below, with the table providing detailed explanations. The uSD-M.2 Adapter supports additional signals to WLAN-SDIO using either Arduino headers (J5, J8, and J9) or 20 pin FFC connector (J6). The 20 pin FFC connector is currently supported by NXP’s i.MX 6 Platforms. The Arduino headers provides interconnect options to i.MX RT/8 Platforms. For more details on interconnecting with NXP’s evaluation platforms, refer to Murata’s Wi-Fi®/BT Solution for i.MX Hardware User Manual.

Further below Adapter pictures, are examples of uSD-M.2 Adapter interconnect with supported NXP platforms. Again for more information, please refer to Murata’s wireless i.MX Solution landing page.

i.MX RT 1050 EVK with uSD-M.2 Adapter and Type 1DX M.2 EVB
i.MX 6UL EVK with uSD-M.2 Adapter and Type 1LV M.2 EVB
i.MX 8M Mini EVK with uSD-M.2 Adapter + Type 1ZM M.2 EVB (WLAN Only)

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