CeramicCapacitorRCE Series

  • Powertrain
  • Complies with RoHs
  • AEC-Q200
  • Anti-noise
  • Deflectingcrack
  • Solderingcrack
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Leaded MLCC for Automotive

Small lead type capacitor for automotive. It is good used for under 125°C


1. Small size and large capacity capacitor.

Example of Structure

2. The low ESR allows for use at high frequencies.

3. Example of circuit used (Radial LED light)

Example of circuit used (Radial LED light)


Size(mm) 3.6x3.5mm - 7.7x13.0mm
Rated Voltage 25Vdc - 1000Vdc
Capacitance 1.0pF - 22μF
Main applications Smooths power of ECU (ISS,EPS, etc.) and removes EMI noise Protects ECU sensor against surges Removes motor surges and EMI noise


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