CeramicCapacitorGJ4 Series

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  • Complied with RoHS
  • Anti-noise
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Low Distortion Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

Ideal for low distortion of audio digital amplifiers.


1. Ideal for replacement of the film capacitors of audio circuits with low distortion characteristics.

This product is ideal for audio circuits, such as digital amplifiers where distortion characteristics are focused on. This product can be applied to filters and couplings utilizing low distortion characteristics.

3rd Distortion

2. Ideal for electronic equipment like power circuits, due to the low loss and low shock noise characteristics.

Contributes to the improvement in performance of electronic equipment where low loss and low shock noise are required.

New Material(GJ4) Conventional Material (GRM) Film capacitor 

3. This product has a noise reduction effect.

Since dielectric materials which enable a reduction of noise are used, this product is more effective for reducing noise compared to the general purpose GRM series.


Size(mm) 2.0x1.25mm - 3.2x1.6mm
Rated Voltage 25Vdc - 100Vdc
Capacitance 0.10μF - 1.0μF
Main applications Audio digital amplifiers, coupling circuit, filter circuits


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