CeramicCapacitorGR4 Series

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    Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Splitter Circuit of G-Fast, xDSL

    Size 3.2x2.5mm / U2J Char. / DC630V
    Meet with ITU-T K.20 Standard (Impulse Test: 1.5kV, 10x700usec, 10 times (+/-) )


    1. For Splitter Circuit of G-Fast, xDSL

    Ex) DPU Ex) Splitter circuit

    2. Realized large capacity and small size while maintaining high withstand voltages by the multilayer structure.

    Example of Structure

    3. Dedicated for reflow soldering.


    Size(mm) 3.2x1.6mm - 3.2x2.5mm
    Rated Voltage 630Vdc
    Capacitance 1000pF - 15000pF
    Main applications Splitter Circuit of G-Fast, xDSL


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