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In addition to Murata's comprehensive datasheets, Murata has compiled a set of application notes to assist with different aspects of today's challenging designs. Most of the topics covered in the following application notes are the result of customer request for assistance. The content, though sometimes general in nature, is specific to our product lines and should not be applied to other products. Our Engineers team welcomes the opportunity to assist you right from the beginning of your next project.

Application Notes Overview

We encourage you to utilize our current application notes, and let us know what additional topics you would like to see us address.

AC-DC Application Notes

Application Note Description PDF
ACAN-25 D1U System Connection Application Note for the D1U-W-1200, D1U-W-1600 and D1U-W-2000 Download >>
ACAN-26 D1U-48-CONC 48V Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-27 D1U-12-CONC 12V Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-28 D1U-52-CONC 52V Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-29 D1U Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-30 D1U-H Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-31 D1U4 Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-32 D1U4CS-12-CONC 12V Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-33 D1U4CS-W Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-35 D1U4CS-54D-CONC 54V Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-36 D1U4CS-D Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-37 D1U4CS-x EEPROM Specification Download >>
ACAN-41 D1U3CS-12-CONC 12V Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-42 MVAC External Oring FET Reference Circuit Download >>
ACAN-43 D1U3CS-x Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-45 D1U54P-W-1200-12-Hx PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-49 D1U3CS-W-1300F Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-51 D1U86P-W-1600-12-HBxDC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-52 D1U4-54 Interface Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-53 D1U4-W-1600-54-HBxC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-54 D1U86-D-1600-12-HBxDC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-55 D2U5T-H3-7000-54-HU4C PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-56 D2U5T-54-CONC Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-57 D1U3CS-D PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-58 PMBus™ Communications Protocol Download >>
ACAN-59 D1U54P-W-650-12-HBxC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-60 D1U54-D-650-12-HBxC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-61 D1U54-HD-1200-12-HA4C PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-62 D2U5T-380-CONC Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-63 D2U5T-H3-5000-380-HU3C PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-64 D1U54P-12-CONC 12V Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-65 D1U86G-12-CONC Interface Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-66 D1U54P-W-1500-12-HxxTC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-67 D1U54-D-1500-12-HxxC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-68 D1U86G-W-460-12-HBxDC PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-69 D1U86G-W-460-12-HBxDC I2C Control Panel Download >>
ACAN-70 D1U86P PMBusTM Control Panel Download >>
ACAN-72 D1U54P-W-450-12-HxxC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-73 D1U54P-12-EDGE Dual 450W Interface connector card Download >>
ACAN-74 D1U54P-x Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-75 D1U86P Output Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-76 D1U86P-W-2200 Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-77 PQC250 Thermal deployment Download >>
ACAN-78 PQC250 Current Sharing deployment Download >>
ACAN-80 D1U54P-x-2000-12-HxxC-xx Cold Redundant features Download >>
ACAN-81 D1U54P-W-2000-12-HxxC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-82 D1U54P-12-CONC2K Connection Interface Card Download >>
ACAN-84 D1U86T-12 Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-85 D1U86T-W-800-12-HB4C Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-86 D1U54P-M-800-12-HBxBC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-87 D1U54P-M-800-12-HBxBC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-88 D1U54T-W-800-12-HBxC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-89 D1U54-D-2000-12-HxxC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-93 D1U74T-W-1600-12-HB4C PMBus™ communications protocol Download >>
ACAN-95 D1U86T-W-1600-12-HBxC PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-96 D1U86T-12-CONC(2200W) Connector Card Download >>
ACAN-100 D1U86T Cold Redundancy Download >>
ACAN-102 PMBus™ Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-104 MWOCP68-CONC Connector Interface Card Download >>
ACAN-105 PQU650 External ORing MOSFET Reference Circuit Download >>
ACAN-106 PQU650 Thermal Deployment Download >>
ACAN-107 PQU650 Current Sharing Download >>
ACAN-109 MWOCP74-3000 PMBusTM Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-111 D1U74T-W-1600-12-HB4AC PMBus Communications Download >>
ACAN-112 D1U54T-W-1200-12-HBxxC Cold Redundancy Download >>
ACAN-113 D1U54T-W-1200-12-HBxxC PMBus Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-114 MWOCP68-CONC PMBus TM Communications Protocol Download >>
ACAN-120 D1U74T-W-2700-12-HBxC PMBus Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-123 D1U74T-12-CONC2.2.7k Connector Interface Card Download >>
ACAN-131 D1U54-W-2000-HxxC-XX PMBus Communication Protocol Download >>
ACAN-134 D1U74T-BRB 225A BREAK-OUT BOARD KIT Download >>

DC-DC Application Notes

Application Note Description PDF
DCAN-58 Output Capacitive Load Considerations Download >>
DCAN-60 Intel VRM 10.2 : Application Note Download >>
DCAN-61 Tracking/Sequence for Point-of-Load DC/DC Converters Download >>
DCAN-62 iLGA Converters Rework (removal) Download >>
DCAN-63 User Guide: Digital DC-DC Evaluation Board Download >>
DCAN-64 User Manual: Murata Power Brick GUI Download >>
DCAN-67 PMBus™ Commands for Murata's Digital Power Bricks Download >>
DCAN-68 Low power isolated DC-DC application notes Download >>
DCAN-70 User Guide for MP-HW80EVAL-01 Evaluation Board Download >>
DCAN-71 User Guide for MP-QW80EVAL-01 Evaluation Board Download >>
DCAN-72 Meeting EMI Requirements for Rolling Stock Railway Applications Download >>
GDAN-01 IGBT/MOSFET/SiC/GaN gate drive DC-DC converters Download >>

Digital Panel Meter Application Notes

Application Note Description PDF
DMS-AN1 Application Note: The LED versus LCD Decision Download >>
DMS-AN2 Application Note: Input Configurations, Power Supplies and Ground Loops Download >>
DMS-AN3 Application Note: Analog Common and Reference In/Out Download >>
DMS-AN4 Application Note: Engineering Scaling Download >>
DMS-AN5 Application Note: Ohmeter Circuits Download >>
DMS-AN6 Application Note: Direct Current Ammeters Download >>
DMS-AN7 Application Note: Implementing a Line Frequency Meter Download >>
DMS-AN8 Application Note: Single-Component Thermometers Download >>
DMS-AN9 Application Note: 2000 RPM Tachometer Download >>
DMS-AN10 Application Note: Minimum-Component Battery Monitors Download >>
DMS-AN11 Application Note: Using the DMS-EB-RMS Board Download >>
DMS-AN12 Application Note: Signals with Zero Offsets Download >>
DMS-AN13 Application Note: Decimal Point Drivers Download >>
DMS-AN14 Application Note: Selecting 1% Resistors Download >>
DMS-AN15 Application Note: Troublshooting Guide Download >>
DMS-AN16 Application Note: Typical Meter Installations Download >>
DMS-AN17 Application Note: Introduction to 2-Wire Meters Download >>
DMS-AN18 Application Note: Recommended Component Suppliers Download >>
DMS-AN19 Application Note: Half-Digits, Resolution and other DPM Display FAQs Download >>
DMS-AN20 Application Note: 4-20mA Current Loop Primer Download >>
DMS-AN21 Application Note: 4-20mA Current Loop Configurations and FAQs Download >>
DMS-AN22 Application Note: Extended Temperature Operation of DMS Series Meters Download >>
DMS-AN23 Application Note: 3-Wire, 240V Single-Phase Power Measurements Download >>
DMS-AN24 Application Note: Extending Current Transformer Leads Download >>
DMS-AN25 Application Note: DMS01 Meter Measurement and Calibration Download >>

Magnetics Application Notes

Application Note Description PDF
MPAN-01 Inductor Application Notes Download >>
MPAN-02 Transformer Application Notes Download >>
MPAN-03 78253 Series Application Notes Download >>
MPAN-04 Silicon Support Magnetics Download >>