RF Inductor

Murata's lineup of inductors for high-frequency circuits features ultra-compact film-type inductors, general-purpose multilayer inductors, and high-Q, high-current supporting wire-wound type inductors, all of which are used in high-frequency circuits.

These inductors are recommended for all high-frequency circuits, including mobile phone RF modules, Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth® modules, and various types of matching circuits.

Murata Icon X Product Lineup

An introduction to our product lineup of RF inductors for general applications and automotive applications:

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An introduction of tools such as 3D CAE data for electromagnetic field analysis (for ANSYS® HFSS) that facilitate smoother processes in the design and development of IC platforms and other items, and an introduction of design samples.

Murata Icon X Technical information -basic-

Explanation of every question (such as "What is inductor?", "Effective usage of inductors") about the inductor.

Product features and how to choose the right product

An introduction to the features of Murata’s inductor products and how to use them efficiently.

Basic Knowledge

Explanation of function and how to use inductors.

Murata Icon X Technical information -application-

At the Forefront of Noise Suppression Application Examples
Suitable components are identified for specific applications, for example, accetpable applications for EMI filters in products such as digital cameras, smartphones, Blu-Ray™ players, LCD TVs, and mobile phones, accompanied by block diagrams.
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Inductors in action
Inductors in action
Everything you need to know about putting inductors to use, from problems to look out for, to tools for utilizing inductors.
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Examples of Problem Solving
Examples of Problem Solving
Solving customer's problems.
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PDF files of product catalog and product technical information of indoctors.

Chip Inductors

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils) (PDF: 9.7 MB)

  • CAT NO. o05e-27
  • UPDATE 25/1/2019
Download PDF

EMI Suppression Filters (for DC)/Chip Inductors for Automotive (PDF: 11.8 MB)

  • CAT NO. c51e
  • UPDATE 27/4/2018
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RoHS certificate of compliance / REACH SVHC certificate of compliance.

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