Cellular IoT Module (Cat.M1/NB-IoT)

Cellular IoT: Efficient solutions for connecting the world
As a leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA), Murata is the only supplier to offer ultra-small, low energy and low cost IoT solutions. By innovating within 3GPP, we facilitate massive flows of data all around the globe with incredible energy efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

Murata Icon X What is Cellular IoT?

Cellular IoT solutions are new standards defined by the 3GPP Group to answer requirements such as low power, long range and low data rate usage. Two standards currently exist - LTE Cat.M1 and NB-IoT - which can be applied to a number of different applications.

Derived from smartphone standards, cellular IoT can deliver secure, world-wide coverage by using the same base stations, public networks and power supplies as mobile phones.
Key Features:

High Security Encrypted communication
and FOTA

Low Consumption 10+ years of battery life

Wide Coverage Using existing smartphone networks

Low Cost Reduction of R&D
and operational cost

Geolocation GPS free solution

Large Capacity Reduction of data rate

Murata Icon X Why use Cellular IoT?

Cellular IoT solutions are new standards set out by the 3GPP Group that respond to the growing demand for extremely low-energy and low data-rate communication around the globe. In contrast to traditional 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G networks, cellular IoT standards offer unpallarelled levels of power efficiency and longevity over long distances, making them ideal for applications such as smart meters, smart building, smart industry, smart agriculture and much more.

Murata Icon X LTE Cat.M1 & NB-IoT

To meet industry demands and new requirements for IoT, 3GPP developed two main standards: LTE CAT-M (Long Term Evolution-Category Machine1) or NB-IoT (Narrow Band-IoT). Each standard has unique features and advantages that make it well suited to specific applications.

  LTE Cat.M1(Release 13) NB-IoT(Release 13)
Specification Based on LTE Based on LTE&2G
Bandwidth Up to 1.4MHz Up to 180kHz
Peak DL data rate
Peak UL data rate
Frequency deployment LTE in Band LTE in Band, LTE Guard Band & GSM Band
Duplex mode Half or Full duplex Half duplex
Voice/Data support Voice & Data Data Only
Mobility Yes Limited
Tx Power 20, 23dBm 20, 23dBm
Targeted Applications Critical applications
Healthcare, smart factory, security

Low latency
Emergency devices, smart cities

Asset tracking, wearable,
fleet management

Areas without good LTE coverage countries using GSM standard cellular

Small amounts of information
Smart agriculture, smart meter, smart building

Murata Icon X Why choose Murata Cellular IoT modules?

Murata is renowned worldwide as a leading ultra-low size, high quality and very low energy consumption module maker.

Supporting major carriers worldwide

Robust Quality

Strong partnerships

Ultra-small size

Good Security

Low power consumption

Drawing on several years of experience at the forefront of IoT technology, we have developed a wide range of Cellular IoT modules to cater to diverse applications from smart meters, asset tracking and smart wearables to smart agriculture, smart cities, and more.

Murata Icon X Cellular IoT Modules

You can choose the modules that are best suited to their own usage applications.

Type 1SC

Type 1SS

Type 1WG

Murata Icon X Use cases

IoT Business Cases, which presents a number of new IoT application concepts, is available for download.

* Click the image above to download IoT Business Cases.