RF Inductor

Main type:

  • Film type
  • Wire wound type
  • Multilayer type
RF Inductor Film type / Wire wound type / Multilayer type

An RF inductor is used for matching applications and choke applications in the RF section which has wireless communication functions.
By using three characteristic methods, you can select the optimum series for the intended application. For a smartphone or a module film type LQP series which is compact and also has high Q characteristics is optimum. For an RF inductor of size 1005 mm or more, the high Q wound type LQW series which has a large rated current value is recommended for use in a base station or STB. While the multilayer LQG series has a good balance between cost and performance, it is recommended for a wide range of automotive applications, based on our market achievements over many years. Products that are suitable for choke circuits using magnetic materials, such as the LQW_CN series, LQW_H series and other series are also available for power lines. You can select the optimum series from our lineup, based on either the intended application or the relationship between the size and Q characteristics.

For Automotive

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